Jodie Comer 'most beautiful woman in world' according to science

Why Jodie Comer Most Beautiful Woman in the World? 

Jodie Comer - 94.52%
Zendaya - 94.37%
Bella Hadid - 94.35%
Beyoncé - 92.44%
Ariana Grande - 91.81%
Taylor Swift - 91.64%
Jourdan Dunn - 91.39%
Kim Kardashian - 91.28%
Deepika Padukone 91.22%
HoYeon Jung - 89.63%

Harley Street plastic surgeon Dr Julian de Silva has compiled the list using computer assisted mapping techniques to create their scores of "perfection", according to the Golden Ratio.

Dr Julian de Silva calculated Jodie's face is almost the 'perfect shape'.Credit: Dr Julian de Silva

What is The Golden Ratio?

The Brilliant Proportion traces all the way back to the European Renaissance when craftsmen and modelers utilized a condition to assist them with arranging their show-stoppers and choose how to set specific elements.Throughout the long term researchers began utilizing the recipe to make sense of why certain individuals are thought of as gorgeous and others are not.