Hunter X Hunter Returns after almost 4 years.

Hunter x Hunter has been in the longest break of the series' set of experiences to date, yet the manga is at last preparing to return for new section following a lot of time pausing! Yoshihiro Togashi's unbelievable manga series could have begun its run with Shueisha's Week by week Shonen Hop magazine back in 1998, yet it's been dynamic for a lot more modest level of it than you would anticipate. 

Truth be told, the manga has been in the longest break between new parts in the whole run of it so far. That makes this next return so unique.


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Fortunately, it will not be an excess of longer as Hunter x Hunter is authoritatively returning for new sections this month! Viz Media's Shonen Hop has uncovered that Hunter x Hunter will get with shiny new parts starting on Sunday, October 23rd. These new sections will be simulpubbed along with the remainder of the Week by week Shonen Bounce magazine contributions as they hit in Japan, and will start off with Part 391 of the series! For fans needing to make up for lost time, Viz Media additionally had some extraordinary news on that front at well.

Hunter x Hunter Returns Oct 23

Major announcement!!! Hunter x Hunter returns Oct 23! Brand new simulpub chapters are coming to Shonen Jump!

While every one of these updates had been promising as far as how much happy fans could ideally hope to see when the series returns (which might actually be more than the recently prodded ten new in the middle of between every break like it had been finished previously), now that the series is really going to hit with new sections it's genuinely a thrilling time. 

However, right now is an ideal opportunity to make up for lost time and revive on all that is happened up until this point.

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